Our Story

Town Talk’s unique history actually begins with two Czechoslovakian immigrants who opened a grocery store in Plainfield New Jersey. After WWII, their oldest son ended up in Fort Worth Texas, where he eventually opened the Town Talk Restaurant in West Fort Worth in 1954. When the property was sold in 1973, you could say the retail grocery business was in his blood, and so he began buying and selling overruns, insurance claims, and closeouts at his location in downtown Fort Worth. In 1985, with the expansion of Interstate 30, he built a small 10,000 square foot building at the corner of Beach and 1st St. in East Fort Worth. In 1986, Mr. Dafcik became terminally ill and his son-in-law, Tom Potthoff left his CRNA anesthesia practice to help operate the business. In November 2013, Mr. Tom Brown, a local food wholesaler, purchased Town Talk Foods. During the past 20+ years the Beach Street location has expanded to 30,000 square feet and added an additional off-site dry and refrigerated storage.

Town Talk focuses on mainly selling standard food products from several sources at discount prices. Town Talks primary focus is to target retail customers who are on fixed incomes or who may have limited resources and maybe they do not qualify for public assistance.

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