Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Affordable Prices.

Quality Products.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Affordable Prices.

Quality Products.

Our Story

Town Talk was started as a grocery store in Plainfield, New Jersey by two Czechoslovakian immigrants. In 1954, their oldest son, William Dafcik moved to Texas and opened the Town Talk Restaurant on Camp Bowie Blvd in West Fort Worth. In 1973, the restaurant property was sold and Town Talk moved to downtown and began buying and selling groceries from closeouts, insurance claims and overruns.

In 1985, Mr. Dafcik built a building on the corner of North Beach St and 1st St in East Fort Worth and this became the new home of Town Talk Foods.

In 1986, Mr. Dafcik became terminally ill and his son-in-law, Tom Potthoff, left his career in nursing to help run Town Talk. An ownership group was formed between Mr. Potthoff and the 4 children of Mr. Dafcik. Over the next 25 plus years Town Talk continued to grow and become a leader in the salvage grocery business.

In 2013, Town Talk was purchased by Tom Brown, a local salvage wholesaler who had been a trading partner with Town Talk for over 15 years.

Town Talk focuses on selling groceries at extreme discount prices. Town Talk’s goal is to provide a fun, interesting and all inclusive “treasure hunt” for all. Town Talk sells great food at incredible prices not only for people with limited budgets, but for anyone that enjoys the “hunt” for bargains.

Why Do We Do What We Do?

The easy answer would be “To make money.” That cannot be the real reason we are doing what we do. Although we do what we do to help people find affordable, nutritional food, there is more to the “why?”


  • To brighten peoples’ day.
  • To treat people well that might not be accustomed to being treated well.
  • To provide a fun shopping experience that people cannot find elsewhere.
  • To embrace the diversity in our community by providing a safe, secure and clean place that all races, religions and socio economic levels (not only people of little means) can congregate, get along with each other and be treated with respect while finding great deals.
  • To provide a great place for all of us to work.
  • To provide a sense of security to our employees so that they know all of us are working together, supporting each other, being treated fairly and being given the chance to feel success in their own lives.

“When you are looking for quality, professional service, Town Talk Foods is there to serve you.

Town Talk Foods Management Team

Tom Brown


Jeremy Wortsman

General Manager

Steve Barnhouse

Perishables Manager

Juan Cerros

Purchasing Manager

Valeria Carbajal

Office Manager

Sean McNamara

Warehouse Manager

Chad Langen

Online Sales Manager